Aelita Leto

IFSA Learning Table 1

IFSA Learning Table

What is the difference between Biophilia and Feng Shui? Biophilia (love of nature) is not Feng Shui. In a nutshell, Feng Shui is about adaptation and finding a way to harmonize the elements of your life with nature. At the May 2022 IFSA Learning Table Event we discussed these concepts in more detail and you’ll …

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IFSA Learning Table 2

Ashes and Ancestry

One little-known aspect of Feng Shui is the very direct and clear advice this system has for the remains of your loved ones. Whether we are talking about the ashes of a pet, a relative, or a beloved partner or friend, how you deal with their ashes matters. And, believe it or not, this is …

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Red doors China

Understanding Chinese Polestar Astrology – An Introduction to the Twelve Houses

You may be familiar with your star-sign: signs like Capricorn, Virgo, Aries are based on how the stars align with your date of birth in Western Astrology. Similar Astrological practices exist all across the world, such as Chinese Polestar Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu).  In Chinese practices, Polestar Astrology is very complex, basing itself in …

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Zen Garden

Feng Shui in the Garden

Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. Form is not different than emptiness; emptiness is not different than form. – Zen Buddhist Doctrine One of the most customizable places in the home is the garden. Across the world, gardens are valued as a way for one to welcome the serenity of nature into their home. However, …

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