Crystal-Phi Blankets

Experience the energy of wrapping yourself in crystals!

I love the feel of these crystal-infused organic fiber blankets and apparel and recommend Crystal-Phi products to support health and enhance your energetic field.

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Do you struggle with EMF sensitivity? 

The Crystal Phi Blanket helps with that and is especially good for people who are sensitive to energy and want protection.

It contains a proprietary blend of 96 essential crystals and minerals. People have reported greate clarity and a general feeling of well-being after experiencing the blanket.

  • Lightweight and great for travel
  • Woven with organic cotton
  • Enhances meditation
  • Benefits deep sleep
  • Protects from harmful EMFs
  • Contains infrared technology

I’ve had my blanket for about 6 months and it always goes on my travels. Especially on airplanes it helps me stay grounded and protected. I also find it helpful and use it during my meditation practice. I love how it keeps my body warm. If I spend time at my office desk  I make sure I have it over my body to protect me from EMF and blue radiation.

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