Howard Choy Class 1

Fortune Planning for 2022 Howard Choy presents: Online workshop with Predictions for 2022 via Zoom.

Dates coming soon. Hosted by ZeFeng International Academy of Feng Shui

Price: $300

Dear friends, we invite you to a new online workshop by Howard Choy with a forecast for 2022. You will learn how to make predictions using four classic methods:

  1. Mother Earth Classic
  2. Pillow Talk of Confucious
  3. Shao Yong’s Zhi Nian Gua
  4. Yearly Flying Stars

A comprehensive analysis of the signs of the year will give you a deep understanding of the characteristics of the future tense and you can take advantage of the opportunities of the year and increase your luck. A detailed announcement of the program and methods of the course will be in the near future. Let’s get ready for the New Year to make it happy!

For participants in this class I will create your Natal Astrology Chart based on your date and time of birth.  And I will offer you a 15 minute personal review to be scheduled before or after Howard’s lecture.

Schedule of Zoom sessions coming soon.

Price: $300

*If you have any problems during this signup process please contact