About Aelita Leto

Feng Shui Master and Consultant

Aelita Leto summer photo in Latvia

Three decades, her practice, based on an ancient art, has grown successfully by word of mouth. Aelita Leto is a classically trained Feng Shui Master. Since 1989, she has studied and worked with internationally recognized masters in architecture, exterior and interior design, the mantic arts and Feng Shui. Aelita has built a consultancy that attracts private clients, public organizations and businesses.

Having completed nearly 1000 consultations in the US & Europe, Aelita is considered a leader in the field. Since receiving her professional certification, she has applied her knowledge through mentoring and teaching the next generation of Feng Shui Consultants at Golden Gate Feng Shui School.  She regularly takes annual sabbaticals to work with renowned masters and study across Asia.

Aelita provides a unique skills set to her clients.  Combining academic studies in physics, mathematics, and laws, Aelita brings structure and order to an art form that is both spatial and multidimensional. She has strong people skills and close personal relationships.

Certificates and diplomas

  • Golden Gate Feng Shui School Graduate, 2011
  • Feng Shui Tour of China with Master Howard Choy, 2015
  • Feng Shui Tour of China  and Hong Kong with Master Jodi Brunner ( Years 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Healing Apprenticeship course with Liu Ming
  • Mantic Arts course with Liu Ming
  • Chinese Astrology with Liu Ming
  • Almanac Astrology with Liu Ming
  • Polestar Astrology  with Liu Ming
  • FSIA Feng Shui Institute of America

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