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Aelita Leto Consultations for Buisness and Residental

Classical Feng Shui provides a system for living in balance and harmony with the energetic flow of your personal environment and the many changing environmental influences that surround you. Its roots are deeply infused in Quantum science and based on physics, geometry, time, space, direction, location and the resulting quantity and quality of these Energies (Qi/ Chi) interacting together at the same point in time.

Over the past 3,000 years, Feng Shui has been proven to support and nurture human life and health. When a person or business is aligned with the powerful forces of nature, good things happen and opportunities for success and well-being are enhanced.

Feng Shui goes far beyond arranging furniture, though this is definitely part of the fun. It works because, as both Feng Shui and current science tell us, we live within a cosmic web of energy in which all things are interconnected, interdependent and linked to their environment. Within our bodies, for example, molecular biology has shown that the environment outside our cells can affect the expression of our genes!

Process of Feng Shui Consultation

1. Initial Site Visit

2-3 hour Classical Feng Shui Form Assessment, review of the natural geographical features (macrocosm) with the site’s structure (architecture/microcosm), neighborhood and landscape. Assessment evaluates the site’s ability to attract and make use of the Chi of the land as shaped by Heaven and Earth (Yin/Yang and 5 transformations/ Elements).

2. Geographical Features Review

A Feng Shui Compass (Luo Pan) is used to take electromagnetic readings of the exterior environment and to determine the property’s facing and sitting directions. Ba Zhai or Eight Mansions system designates the building’s auspicious 8 directions, based on how it sits on the site. The same calculation is used for property construction to identify suitable location for the main entrance and key areas such as bedrooms, kitchen, or office.

3. Current Floor Plan Analysis

Review of the floor plan with current Chi flow patterns identifies the strength and weaknesses of the current living environment.

4. Personal Chart Calculations

Ming Gua chart analysis for 1-2 residents determines the residents’ personal favorable directions based on date of birth.

Additional fees may apply for complete Astrology Chart reading.

5. Follow-up Consultation

Delivery of results, recommendations and free recording of the consultation.

Can Feng Shui bring harmony in Your life?

It’s due to these holistic, ecological interconnections that Feng Shui can bring about profound effects. The energies that flow through our homes, offices and retail establishments can be enhanced or blocked by how we arrange the space. Using the principles of Feng Shui, your environment can be aligned to allow you to receive maximum benefit from life’s energies.

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