Astrology readings

Astrology readings will help you to develop a deeper understanding of the situations and circumstances that arise in your personal and professional life.

Aelita Leto Astrology Readings and Feng Shui
astrology readings

Astrology readings

Natal Chart

Being aware of your Natal chart will give you the opportunity to look at the core of your Character and Fate.

Fate is changeable, and when a person is aware of his/her true nature, it creates freedom and strength to make better decisions.

Individual astrology chart reveals:

  • Capacity – person’s known and unknown qualities and strengths.
  • Weaknesses and challenges one has or will have
  • A set of opportunities (their timely expression)

Natal Astrology Readings analyze the patterns embedded in the Natal Chart and how individual characteristics, personal intentions, and vision get expressed through the physical environment.

Natal Astrology Reading examines the influences of the Stems /Branches, 5 Elements and the 12 houses of the Polestar system of Chinese astrology that is based on the date and time of birth. 

Progression Reading

Astrology readings

Progression Reading

Astrological influences change each year and decade. Progress Readings are best for a review of:

  • current personal issues,
  • short and long-term planning (career, relationships, financial and spiritual matters),
  • ongoing influences of your Natal Chart.
Personal chart atsrology readings

Astrology readings

Compatibility Reading

Compatibility Readings allow you to compare two charts. If you are planning to get married or trying to stay married Compatibility Reading is for you.

It is best for life partners, but can also be applied to business partners.

Feng shui feature review

Astrology readings

Divination Reading

This basic Yijing (I CHING) reading answers specific questions concerning life choices and current relationships.

Guided introduction to the text and two hexagram reading and its interpretation integrating Natal chart capacity and potential.

Date selection

Astrology readings

Date Selection

Select auspicious date(s) for marriage, traveling, buying, selling, moving, renovating, groundbreaking, signing of contracts, and official openings.


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