Little Monks School Project in Bhutan

This project supports 18 students and 7 teachers in the Phemsong village near Tashi Gang in Bhutan. I joined the project in early 2020 when they were unable to sustain the project due to the Covid Pandemic. Since then I’ve been making offerings and sending money to those in need and some of my clients have also joined the cause.  

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March 2024 Update
2024 Update

Thanks to each of you, we have brought so much love and support to them in building their school. It is time for our new gift of love – a functional multi-use, sustainable kitchen. The little monks have already begun work on the kitchen but are in need of more supplies. The goal is to raise $3,000 and with your support I know we can provide them with the tools and resources they need! 

Little Monks 2
First Building Project for Little Monks

We helped them to complete the building where they live. As you can see their home and school building was in need of attention, but there were no funds to rebuild.

I contributed and so did many of my clients who became a part of this project by sending offerings.  Names of people who sent offerings were added to the monthly prayer list.

Little Monks 3
The Building Restored

Here is the restored building where they can now live and learn.  See the next section with videos showing the restoration process and the new living and working quarters.

Little Monks 4

The Building Project History

Activities for the Little Monks

Ongoing Support for the Little Monks

Now that the building project has completed, we are continuing our support for this community and our next project is the kitchen renovations where our goal is to raise $3000. 

If you would like to be a part of this project by sending offerings, you can do that here. Your name will be added to the list of prayers for that month. 

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