Feng Shui and Paint Colors 2

Feng Shui and Paint Colors

“Never go by the book when selecting Feng Shui Paint Colors for your home or work space.”

– Aelita Leto

Feng Shui is not about applying strict rules, or applying the colors on a Bagua (a map used to interpret the energies of a space often represented as a nine-section square grid or octagon) to your walls.

It’s a subtle art that requires knowledge of the basics, along with intuition, a review of all the components of an area, and practical experience.

The process is illustrated by a client who came to me with a paint color issue. Her home had been designed with Feng Shui 20 years previously and it was time for a remodel, but she was stuck with a decision on her living room. She didn’t like the colors of the walls and there was an enormous fireplace that hadn’t been used in 20 years because it was broken.

I explained that we needed to review the interior as well as the exterior of her home before making a decision on the paint color. When I look at a space, it needs to align with the people living there as well as with all the other aspects of the surroundings – we need to look at balancing all these energies.

After walking around the property when I saw the room, I knew that we needed to repaint and the fireplace needed to be replaced with double sliding glass doors to the deck. Opening up the wall would provide a view of the property and the verdant valley inviting the greenery in like an energetic river. 

2 LR after

The space is a living room and needs to balance the high activity (walking, talking, TV) with a feeling of being settled and contained for the homeowner who is a grandmother. The room faces South bringing in lots of light and this needed to be balanced. The color I suggested was a deep mid-range blue. The homeowner was shocked because that was her favorite color, but the previous Feng Shui Practitioner had suggested yellow instead because that’s the recommendation from Feng Shui books for South facing rooms.

Finally, I recommended hanging a piece of colorful art on that now-blue wall. It shows a family gathering and brings in a joyful touch of warmth and liveliness to the room.

1 Accent wall after

The result illustrates the principle of allowing color to flow based on the energy body and the arrangement of the space creating alignment and bringing heaven chi, earth chi, and human chi into balance. That’s my interpretation of the art of Feng Shui. 

You can find more details here where Julie Feinstein Adams wrote an extensive article of my work and this process.


Interested in balancing the energy of your space and wall paint colors? Consult Aelita Leto.