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Feng Shui Flying Star Chart 2020 and Annual Feng Shui Adjustments

In Feng Shui, each year, and each 20 year period is assigned a number. We use these in numbers for many things, such as creating the Flying Star chart used in assessment of the astrology of a building. Annually, this indicates the best and worst energies coming into the home during that year. The year 2020~ Metal Rat starts on January 25th and will end on February 11, 2021 according to the Chinese Lunar calendar.

Here is the Star chart 2020:

Flying Star chart for 2020
Flying Star chart for 2020

As you can see, the number 7 is in the Center, and the other numbers are in a specific pattern. The numbers are each in a direction on the compass, and correspond with areas in the building that are in that direction. We are mostly concerned with the 2, 5 and the 8.


The 2 TWO BLACK is very negative (in the SOUTH in 2020), and is an omen of stress and ill health. Pregnant women should completely avoid using the South sector. This sector also correlates to stomach and digestive problems.

The 5 Five Yellow Star

The 5 Five Yellow Star is the worst energy (in the EAST in 2020), bringing in bad luck, financial problems and disasters. This area should preferably be left alone and remain undisturbed throughout the year, but it should especially not be activated for groundbreaking or renovations. If your property faces the East direction, it is advisable to hold off on all planned renovations until next year. If it is unavoidable, than consult Feng Shui Expert to calculate suitable and carefully selecting the best day for renovations. Otherwise, you may risk causing consequences for the property itself, and it’s residents (mishaps, accidents, robberies, loss of wealth, health troubles).

If it is impossible to avoid using this area, than to neutralize the negative energies of the Five Yellow Star by using more metal Qi items in the area (made of brass, cooper, and iron).


The #8 WHITE STAR the Wealth and Finance Star is the best energy in NW bringing in prosperity. We want to enhance the star #8; One of the ways to harness its benefits is by activating it with water features. Having your Main Door in this sector would be especially beneficial to bring about great returns in the form of investments, career enhancement and reputation.

If you plan any of the yearly adjustments do it with intention, and when setting the adjustments in place, do a meditation and think about what you want this year, and what you want to avoid; that all your work will help make you prosperous, and that others can have good lives as well. Don’t skip this step!

To help the 8 star, make an adjustment to enhance positive Earth Energy with Fire Qi ! Get 8 Chinese Red Envelopes (used at new years), place money in each one, and arrange them like the Trigram Li (Fire).

Example of Trigram Li (Fire) image in house
Trigram Li (Fire) image

Glue or tape this image on a larger piece of paper, and place this paper in the Center of your home or office. Make sure it is someplace that will not be disturbed all year, like under a sofa, behind a picture, etc. This area is free of clutter and open to the rest of the home. This will allow the prosperity energy to come in, find your offering and intention, and do its wonderful work!

2 and 5 star

To drain the 2 and 5 star, we want to use Metal to drain the negative Earth Energy. We will also use 6 copper coins, which are Metal, and 6 is the number for Trigram Qian (Heaven) which is ruled by Metal. We will also use 1 silver coin, which is also Metal, but the silver is used to create a chemical reaction with the medium of salt and water to activate the talisman.

Feng Shui Salt Cure, Aelita Leto

Get 2 glass canning jars. Place a quarter or half-dollar coin (silver) in the bottom of the jars. Fill them with at least 2 cups (1 pound) of inexpensive sea salt. Place 6 pennies on top of the salt in a circle. Fill the jars with water to cover the salt and pennies, and cover with the lid. We want to let the salt, water and metal create a chemical reaction, and this will be a slight movement, or fizzing, so we need a tight lid.

Place one of these for the 5 star in the EAST corner or area of your home or office, in a place that will not be disturbed for a year, such as behind large furniture, on a shelf, etc. Keep the drapes and windows covered here as much as possible. This will also block as much of the negative energies from coming in as possible.

Place the other in the SOUTH of your home, where the 2 star is this year. Hide it in a closet or behind something. If the salt turns black, it has absorbed the negative Qi well, and you have thus avoided some sort of problem. Also, do not do construction in these parts of the house or yard this year, which will disturb these energies.

On the last day of the year (February 3, 2021), place both jars with the salt and coins in a paper bag, and throw them away. Don’t reuse the jar or the coins! Also, this is the day to remove the 8 enhancement. Take the envelopes with the money in them, and give it to strangers, or anonymously to a charity! Don’t take credit, nor put identifying marks on the envelopes. Here, the money has helped you, and now it will help others. Doing this with generosity of spirit will help your Chi!

Put the cures and enhancements in whatever direction the 2, 5 and 8 fall that year.

If you need help, get in touch with me!